Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Get the best quality cuplocks in bangalore

JK Scaffolding is one of the leading manufacturers of scaffolding items in the whole of South India.We manufacture quality cup locks to be supplied to the builders, architects, interior decorators and civil contractors. The products supplied by us are in high demand as they are the quality ones.

We are an experienced team in manufacturing, who are having knowledge about the scaffolding items. The products supplied by us have good finishing with well-versed specifications which are specified by the management. 

JK Scaffolding supplies a different range of products which are adjustable props, scaffolding, H frames, centering sheets, scaffolding couplers, centering accessories, adjustable jacks and tie rods.We manufacture, supply, export and provide services for understanding the complete and diverse requirements of the clients.

Adjustable props are quick and adjustment in height can be made by inserting lock into the holes which are provided in the inner member. Fine adjustments are made by putting the malleable iron nut on the outer member.Adjustable base jacks are designed for use in conjunction with either adjustable steel props or system scaffolding to hold timer beams and formwork accessories in the place.

Centering steel plates are made of different material and sizes of quality metal sheets. It is the main supporting item for building different construction slab and beams.We provide scaffolding rental service with a complete commitment to quality.

Drop forged couplers are the fundamental components which are used to assemble the tube and the coupler scaffolding. The basic fitting which is designed is to join two scaffold tubes that can be used to create a diverse range of scaffolding structures. The couplers are in huge demand in the market as it requires low maintenance and is effective and efficient.

We are also into the business of manufacturing and exporting of steel couplers which are essentially the fundamental component used to assemble tube and coupler scaffolding. The basic fitting that is designed to join two scaffold tubes can be used to create a different range of scaffolding structures.The features which are provided are it is highly reliable, extensively used and available at reasonable prices.

JK Scaffolding has gained expertise in manufacturing, exporting, supplying and providing a wide range of services for H frames.We provide a wide range of centering sheets as per the needs of the customers.

JK scaffolding has become one of the quality scaffolding tube suppliers in Bangalore. We also provide the shuttering material on hire, which is one of the special service provided to the customers. JK scaffolding has professionals who are highly skilled and assist in the manufacture, supply, export of a wide range of adjustable jacks.

Different C Clamps which matches with the requirements of the clients are manufactured.It is done for a wide assortment of steel grippers.These products are known for their corrosion resistant nature and we provide full assurance to deliver the products in the committed time period frame.This is also done after thorough testing and stringent quality checks.The features which we provide are effectiveness, premium quality at leading market prices.

Being a customer based company, we manufacture, supply, export and provide services to the quality approved assortment of the tie rod.Quality is the hallmark of any industry and we preset quality standards which manufacture, supply, export and provide the services in a highly professional manner.

JK Scaffolding’s many years of experience has helped in providing quality products across the country.These products are famous for their high tensile strength and easy installation. Our products are engineered precisely by the skilled professionals along with advanced technology. We also assure the clients that these products will be delivered to them at the leading market prices. The features which are provided are that it is highly reliable, efficient and the quality one.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Scaffolding Importance and Best Scaffolding Suppliers in Bangalore

Scaffolding can be defined as a temporary structure which is generally used to aid workforce and materials for various purposes such as construction of buildings, maintenance and repair works, and to add to it, it is also an inevitable part of any structural work. A common practice all around the globe, there hasn't been much of fundamental difference in the mode of usage and relevance of scaffolding. The materials used has been going through a few changes over the years, but the application remained the same. In addition to that, scaffolding or also know as the scaffold is also being used for the construction of exhibition stands, viewing towers, stages, seating facilities, formwork and much more. Going by records, the first form of Scaffolding came into practice in early 5th century BC in ancient Greece. Historians also record that Egyptians, Nubians and Chinese also used Scaffolding-like structures to build tall buildings in the early days.

Though the fundamental area of application remained the same, periodic innovations have taken place in the Scaffolding industry. Be it be the materials used or the method of constructing the scaffolding, like many other, scaffolding has also gone through the change. Considering worldwide space, there are mainly four different types of scaffolding practices used commonly around the world. To name them, they are, Tube and Coupler (fitting) Components, Prefabricated Modular System Scaffold Components, H-frame or Facade Modular System Scaffolds and Timber Scaffolds. Made out of different components or raw materials, each has its own merit and area of application.

Scaffolding includes not just the construction of it, but also various components which makes it a perfect physical structure. Some of them are Adjustable Props, H Frames, Centering Sheets, Adjustable Spans, Scaffolding Couplers, Centering Accessories, Adjustable Jacks, Scaffolding Pipes, C Clamps, Tie Rod, Slab Trolley Harbana are some of the major components which completes Scaffolding in any given site. A construction project cannot be completed without using Scaffolding. It's for the same reason that Architects, Civil Engineers and Interior Designers are the biggest patron of Scaffolding. 

Scaffolding for construction is generally rented from Scaffolding Renting Companies. There are many across each city. But most of them aren't reliable or rent low quality materials. The Scaffolding they got may be old or constantly used because of lack of stock. J.K Scaffolding, Bangalore is one of the most prominent and trusted Scaffolding renting company with impeccable track record serving thousands of construction sites and individual projects all across Bangalore.

Widely regarded as the best Scaffolding renting Company in Bangalore, J.K Scaffolding is also the leading manufacturer of many Scaffolding components. Some of the products which J.K Scaffolding manufacture and distribute are Scaffolding Couplers, Centering Accessories, Adjustable Jacks, Scaffolding Pipes, C Clamps, Tie Rod, Slab Trolley Harbana, H Frames, Centering Sheets and Adjustable Spans. Offered at a comprehensive price, our Scaffolding components come with a stamp of unmatched quality and coupled with stupendous reliability and long life. 

If you are engaged in construction and is in need of Scaffolding service or Scaffolding for rent in Bangalore, you don't have to look beyond J.K Scaffolding. J.K Scaffolding have an assembled stock to serve construction and projects of any scale in any part of Bangalore. In the industry for 20 years, it's the dedicated service what has made J.K Scaffolding the number one choice for many prominent builders, architects and civil contractors of the city. Beside Scaffolding renting, the scaffolding components which are manufactured by J.K Scaffolding are also enjoying a strong presence in the market.